Thursday, April 9, 2009

Twitter Creates Nightmares

After receiving the most awesome video ever that Ryan sent me earlier today mocking Twitter just as well as I could have imagined and almost replicating my previous Twitter rant, I sent the video to Martine, who laughed it up and took a nap shortly after.


Martine signed back online 2 hours later to tell me that she had a Twitter nightmare and went on to explain her bizarre dream to me. Now, normally it's a pet peeve of mine when people insist on telling me their dreams, because in reality no one gives a shit about your dream or will ever be able to see it the same way as you did. My friends however, are downright quotable sometimes, no matter how serious they are when discussing their nightmares with me and I will gladly listen to their sleepy thoughts. I have highlighted my favorite parts...

Martine: I dreamt I got twitter
Martine: and i was waiting to go to dinner with Rudy
Martine: and their was this box of chocolate that was a handicap child
Martine: and i told the mom if she minded if i ate her child which was pieces of chocolate and shared with the world how he was so special with every piece.
Martine: than Rudy left with his x gfriend
Martine: everything was being twitter to all my coworkers
Martine: then the bathroom was overflowing
Martine: and I was a foot deep in water
Martine: and Rudys house was full of water
Martine: and it drowned the chocolate child
Martine: and i couldn't eat the chocolate child
Martine: it was dead


Brookey Brooke said...

maahahdahb abahahaab I WANNA EATS HIM

BabyKillingUnicorns said...

lol what a nightmare.

Mrs. G said...

Martine needs a blog. And therapy. All psychology majors need therapy.