Friday, April 10, 2009


This is my new cat Davey. I recently found Davey in a parking lot. He had the kindest demeanor, runs about 8 or 9 months old, and was purring away at his little gypsy life. Since his life also located him to the parking lot of a major intersection at John Young Parkway, I decided to take him back with me in hopes of finding him a safe home. Thankfully, JW and Jake are already fighting over him. He is wonderful after all. Since Davey's been with me the only thing he likes to do is sleep, crawl up in your lap, be held, purr, rub his head into you, purr more, nudge you and purr, purr, make you pet him and purr. He is the sweetest cat in the world!

Until he decided to rip my face off today.

I picked him up and out of nowhere with insane supernatural strength he grabbed me with his claws, barely missing my eyeball with one, and bit me in the forehead like a blood hungry zombie cat. I peeled him off my skin, threw him at the wall and went to run out the bedroom door, but to my horror he quickly came flying back at me, only purring this time.

If my head holes start emitting puss or I become a vampire tomorrow, please know that this was my time to go. A downward spiraling life could only end in the needle-like paws of a bipolar kitten straight out of a Pet Cemetery movie.


Mrs. G said...

My cat does this sometimes out of the blue. Jed thinks he's hot for me. Does Davie give you sexy eyes?

Megameghan said...

No. There is a difference. This wasn't the normal sexy eye head bite I also get from your purse obsessed cat. This was a bulgey eyed face tear off attempt and a few swift whips to the head. If this is hot for me, my cat is into some heavy S & M shit.

BabyKillingUnicorns said...

jeez, your cat is nearly as insane as mine is fat. or maybe phat. sometimes i don't know.

Kyle Raker said...

I have a cat I have been trying to find a home for for a month, if you decide this one is not suitable for human companionship.