Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NYC 2008

There has to be something said for friends that you hope fall in the Hudson river and float away forever, who you still love when you get home.

I don't know what it is about her. I love her to death. But god, she needs a filter sometimes.

Enough about that. The trip was amazing regardless. It was the first time I went up there and didn't stay with family or rent an apt, which was really nice actually. The Algonquin I might add is one of the oldest and prettiest hotels in the city. Not to mention is costs a fortune to stay there. The first night we sat down and had ourselves a $20 martini at the bar, which I have to say was the best martini ever and totally worth the money! That's a lie. It was worth $8.50 at the most.

Randall came to meet me, and working in the music district, the entire trip he was only 6 blocks away from our hotel. Steph and I did dinners and pubs. Saw Martha Wainright who was absolutely horrible and Stephanie dropped what seemed like $50 dollars at the bar on two beers. Another night at a pub, we were approached by a couple of annoying foreign british guys. One who played on the new WHO record and thought saying so a million times would impress me (maybe it did a little). I tried to hold normal adult conversation with him, but all he could do is smother me in disgusting come ons as he tried really really hard to take me back to his hotel room.

The highlight of the trip was definitely revisiting Brian...

hanging out after hours on the MTV building's nickelodeon floor. Drinking whisky, well sipping and almost throwing up at the thought of drinking whisky, with two of my favorite people as we ran around in the dark hallways and jumped on random Sponge Bob's, then landing in the conference room leaning against the large windows laughing and overlooking Times Square and the rest of the city. God, I MISS IT THERE. .